Calcutta in Shorts


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For forty years, Setu and his friends sat at the same table every Saturday.  Three young men from an adjacent table are curious about his mysterious companions and the waiter. Will his friends appear today?

The answer to these questions can be found in,

“Calcutta in Shorts”

The book is Authored & illustrated by Sanjoy Dutt.


Watch out for the publication date…..

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An Asian woman entered a shop, the English salesman asked, “Ma’am what are you looking for today?’

The woman in her Asian accent, “Do you sell rape?”

“What! No. Please look elsewhere,” the shocked salesman replied.

The woman went out but returned in a few minutes, agitated. Pointing to a nearby shop, she said, “that man say you sell rape.”



The salesman was puzzled, is this lady trying to set him up? Should he call the police?

The lady brought out a box from her bag and pointing at some fancy papers said, “Here, rape.”





“OMG that is wrapping paper”

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ABANDONED (100 words Flash)

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My grandparents had the rare distinction, receiving the touch from a famous historical person, they live peacefully in a national museum.

A painter discovered my parents at a store and her delicate stroke of brushes made them precious.

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I was folded, glued and found myself hanging in a gift shop. My heart danced with joy when a lady bought me before boarding her flight. I said to myself, “I will be as memorable as my ancestor’s.”

Alas, everybody appreciated the linen I carried.

I am a ‘Handmade’ paper bag standing alone discarded in the corner of a room.

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The Medical Business (100 words Flash)

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Dr. Gandhi’s nameplate had many degrees.

Chunky paid the fees and entered his office.

“What is your difficulty?” the doctor asked

“Have come to you for identifying that.”

The doctor laid him on the examination table and inspected him with the stethoscope and

sphygmomanometer wrote a list of investigations and medicines.

“What’s my disease?”
“Tests will only confirm.”

“Not you, with so many titles and a fat fee?”

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“Degrees justify my remuneration, which takes care of my family expenses, the percentage from investigations pays my student loan, medicine companies sponsor my foreign trips,” Doctor smiled.

“Excellent business.”

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Blocked (A 100 word Flash)

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Buddhi (clever) was at the window to purchase a ticket for the movie, “Coquette.”

He had been watching the very movie every day for two weeks.

The clerk, “Hi sir.”

“May I have a ticket?”

“For Coquette?” he enquired.

Buddhi nodded, “yes.”

At the gate, the ticket checker identified him, “Hello, sir, Coquette today?”


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“What is so exceptional about the movie?”

“I missed a scene,” Buddhi said.

“Which one?”

“The actress was disrobing for her bath in the lonely lake, just then the train passed and blocked my view. One day that train will be late.”

The checker gawked!

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Your Best Friend (100 words flash)

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Teacher, “Best friends assure we live and sleep in peace, who is your best friend?”

The students  were speechless.

One disciple said, “I have a clue.”

“Go on,” the teacher responded.

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“The doctor wants us always frightened about our diseases, Lawyer wants us insomniac with legal concerns, Police like chasing apprehensive criminals, Electrician prefers a damaged wiring to give nightmares, and Private tutor desires us restless with our child’s results, The Banker favors us insomnious with bankruptcy.”

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“Who is the best friend?” Inquisitive teacher urged.

“Who craves we have lots of wealth and sleep most harmoniously? It’s a Thief!”

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Update with Time (100 words Flash)

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On a hot summer day, a thirsty crow was searching desperately for water. After a long search, he finds water in a narrow half-filled pot. The crow after extending its neck full length, could not reach the water.

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He recollected how his ancestor had carried pebbles into a pot to make the water rise. In a modern clean city, he could not find rocks nearby.

He was not going to give up, he located a garbage bin nearby. He returned to the pot with a straw. He has updated himself with time to quench his thirst.

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Knowledge from Afar (Flash Fiction 100 words )

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Rob had recently returned from a business trip and meets up with his friends in a congested bar.

One of his buddies joked, “What did you bring for us?”

“I desired to,” Rob continued,” the shopkeepers could confirm the economical price but no support on the survival.”

“Was there nothing that last?” a separate friend ridiculed.

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“Yes, something that has demonstrated the test for ages,” Rob replied.

“Could you not get that?”

“They allow you to only view and take photographs,”

“What is it?” a mate most curiously questioned.

“It is a Great Wall, stores don’t sell it!” Rob exclaimed.

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My case against free books

I found this intriguing article. Indie Authors, consider again before you place your writing for free

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God’s Best Creation (A 100 words flash)

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The blackbirds became violent and snapped at anyone who ventured the back deck.

Even the pets were not spared.

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A black bird’s nest high in the Magnolia tree, was spotted.
A few days later, suddenly the black birds stopped their aggression.

We were relieved but wondered, why?

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One night with no breeze, noise of leaves flickering came from the Magnolia tree.

A giant Possum was climbing down the tree. The blackbirds were forced out of their nest.

The animal world still depends on the size and strength of muscle.

Only humans, god’s best creation, rule with their head.

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