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Pain, failure and sorrows of life

Life teaches us to face pain, failure, and sorrow. All of us, at some point, are broken or wounded. Our scars arise from tragic circumstances like the loss of a loved one, an abuse, a neglect, or a betrayal. In … Continue reading

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    (An old folk tale)   A young couple lived on a small farm. With little income, they were forced to live a life in poverty. One day, the husband said, “Love I want to go to a faraway … Continue reading

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God’s Best Creation (A 100 words flash)

The blackbirds became violent and snapped at anyone who ventured the back deck. Even the pets were not spared. A black bird’s nest high in the Magnolia tree, was spotted. A few days later, suddenly the black birds stopped their … Continue reading

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Wisdom More Powerful Than Strength (100 words flash)

A huntsman with a gun was shooting animals at will. All the animals of the forest united to ensure a way away. “I hold more strength and courage to defeat him.” Roared the lion and ran to kill him. The … Continue reading

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In school, we learn to write an essay. As the essay progresses  queries like, what is its nature, how, when, why, where,  are accosted. Setting off with an introduction followed by the body and ends with a conclusion. The principal … Continue reading

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Paul the outdoor salesman walks into the office to seek the office floor decorated with balloons. “Hey, what’s happening today? ” Paul asks. “Forgot? Today is Coopers farewell! ” Someone replies. “Oh yes! The workaholic retires. Won’t he tire at … Continue reading

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Bad Application

Originally posted on 6twistedbiscuits:
By Sanjoy Dutt “We packed our bags and left for home,” Recalled Alice, “Robert was driving with children in the back seat. As we drove home my son and daughter started a war of words. I…

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Snap From The Past

The sound came from the basement, It was Nancy’s voice, “There are a bunch of old pictures in Dad’s dark room!” “Show them to me, dear!” Scarlet shouted back. Nancy and Scarlet go through the old photos. Nancy picks up … Continue reading

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Traditional Bengali Wedding Days

      A Bengali wedding in the yester years was not just a great family union; the day gave an opportunity to exhibit within relatives and friends what you are proud of. Women got a chance to display their … Continue reading

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The Indian Railway Experience

  As an Indian Railway customer, how many times have you walked up to a Railway window and the person behind the window has greeted you? Every time I found the person on the other side wore a look that … Continue reading

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