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History of Interpretation

        There is no proof regarding the precise period when interpretation started.  Unlike written translation interpretation leaves no record. The first recorded proof of interpretation dates back to 3000 BC in Ancient Egypt. Interpretation has existed ever … Continue reading

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Pain, failure and sorrows of life

Life teaches us to face pain, failure, and sorrow. All of us, at some point, are broken or wounded. Our scars arise from tragic circumstances like the loss of a loved one, an abuse, a neglect, or a betrayal. In … Continue reading

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Writing Habits

    Writing coaches say you need to write every day. What are your thoughts about this advice? If you want to be a writer, you should invest the most productive part of your day writing. Which writing schedule works … Continue reading

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      To know Calcutta, the city of joy, you have to understand its pulse, history, and the people. Ask anyone for directions on the street and with his heavy Bengali-accented Hindi-English, he will give you the directions along … Continue reading

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              1971 was a happening year in my life. My dad passed away from a massive heart attack that ended his life in fifteen minutes. A few months later that winter I fell sick … Continue reading

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Calcutta in Shorts

    For forty years, Setu and his friends sat at the same table every Saturday.  Three young men from an adjacent table are curious about his mysterious companions and the waiter. Will his friends appear today? The answer to … Continue reading

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  An Asian woman entered a shop, the English salesman asked, “Ma’am what are you looking for today?’ The woman in her Asian accent, “Do you sell rape?” “What! No. Please look elsewhere,” the shocked salesman replied. The woman went … Continue reading

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Your Best Friend (100 words flash)

Teacher, “Best friends assure we live and sleep in peace, who is your best friend?” The students  were speechless. One disciple said, “I have a clue.” “Go on,” the teacher responded. “The doctor wants us always frightened about our diseases, … Continue reading

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