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Picturesque Gorkha, the headquarter of Gorkha district lies between Kathmandu and Pokhara. Not so much prominence in the tourist map of Nepal, yet this district has given shape to the present day Nepal and the Nepalese language also has its … Continue reading

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Nepal, You Will Stand Tall Again!

Nepal has been enchantingly beautiful not only for its scenery or the presence of the mighty Himalayas. The people are childlike and yet happy even with the hardship that nature has conferred upon them. Nepal holds a very vibrant and hardworking … Continue reading

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“POMPEII” The Exhibition

The German Poet, Goethe, after touring Pompeii ruins in 1780s wrote, “Many disasters have befallen the world, but few have brought posterity so much joy. Pompeii, the city, disappeared for 1500 years to be rediscovered in 1740. Archeologists over time … Continue reading

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What is The Invisible Hand?

Traditional beliefs, culture are struggling hard to cope up with the changes, the world over. There is a crisis about how much to change, what to clutch on to. The world is changing too fast. The stock market spins money … Continue reading

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Changu Narayan Temple, Nepal

Changu Narayan Temple, worshiped as ‘Narayan ‘ by Hindus and as ‘Harihar Bahan Lokeswar’ by Buddhists, is situated to the north of Bhaktapur, Nepal. Presence of an ancient inscription within the temple from the Licchavi King Manadeva’s period (464 A.D) … Continue reading

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Traditional Bengali Wedding Days

      A Bengali wedding in the yester years was not just a great family union; the day gave an opportunity to exhibit within relatives and friends what you are proud of. Women got a chance to display their … Continue reading

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The Indian Railway Experience

  As an Indian Railway customer, how many times have you walked up to a Railway window and the person behind the window has greeted you? Every time I found the person on the other side wore a look that … Continue reading

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The Ayurvedic Massage

The power of constant advertisement is immense. First it makes you curious about the product, next interested in the product and then makes you a user or at least makes you give a try. The Ayurvedic massage advertisement’s I have … Continue reading

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Christmas in Pondicherry

After an excellent Christmas at Agra in 2012 it was time for a decent Christmas celebration in 2013. Why I call the Christmas in 2012 excellent? 1. It was the first Christmas I and my catholic wife were spending together … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

People say I have great patience, I would say my wife has greater patience. My wife and I boarded a bus from Delhi on 21st December, 2012  for Agra. At 6-30 am, it was a bitterly cold December morning and … Continue reading

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