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      To know Calcutta, the city of joy, you have to understand its pulse, history, and the people. Ask anyone for directions on the street and with his heavy Bengali-accented Hindi-English, he will give you the directions along … Continue reading

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    (An old folk tale)   A young couple lived on a small farm. With little income, they were forced to live a life in poverty. One day, the husband said, “Love I want to go to a faraway … Continue reading

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              1971 was a happening year in my life. My dad passed away from a massive heart attack that ended his life in fifteen minutes. A few months later that winter I fell sick … Continue reading

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Wisdom More Powerful Than Strength (100 words flash)

A huntsman with a gun was shooting animals at will. All the animals of the forest united to ensure a way away. “I hold more strength and courage to defeat him.” Roared the lion and ran to kill him. The … Continue reading

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Retrieving Stolen Buffaloes

A very cold and foggy January morning, time 5 AM. The district police force directed by the Superintendent was on red alert. The electronic media followed policemen combing everywhere. Nearby forests and villages. “ Terrorists?” I asked. “Buffaloes got stolen from … Continue reading

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