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Pain, failure and sorrows of life

Life teaches us to face pain, failure, and sorrow. All of us, at some point, are broken or wounded. Our scars arise from tragic circumstances like the loss of a loved one, an abuse, a neglect, or a betrayal. In … Continue reading

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      “The shrewd sell dreams effortlessly because the colors of the dreams are stronger than the logic of reality.”   They say, without a dream, you go nowhere. The little or adult, wealthy or poor, everybody dreams. We … Continue reading

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    (An old folk tale)   A young couple lived on a small farm. With little income, they were forced to live a life in poverty. One day, the husband said, “Love I want to go to a faraway … Continue reading

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Calcutta in Shorts

    For forty years, Setu and his friends sat at the same table every Saturday.  Three young men from an adjacent table are curious about his mysterious companions and the waiter. Will his friends appear today? The answer to … Continue reading

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The Medical Business (100 words Flash)

Dr. Gandhi’s nameplate had many degrees. Chunky paid the fees and entered his office. “What is your difficulty?” the doctor asked “Have come to you for identifying that.” The doctor laid him on the examination table and inspected him with … Continue reading

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Blocked (A 100 word Flash)

Buddhi (clever) was at the window to purchase a ticket for the movie, “Coquette.” He had been watching the very movie every day for two weeks. The clerk, “Hi sir.” “May I have a ticket?” “For Coquette?” he enquired. Buddhi … Continue reading

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Your Best Friend (100 words flash)

Teacher, “Best friends assure we live and sleep in peace, who is your best friend?” The students  were speechless. One disciple said, “I have a clue.” “Go on,” the teacher responded. “The doctor wants us always frightened about our diseases, … Continue reading

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Update with Time (100 words Flash)

On a hot summer day, a thirsty crow was searching desperately for water. After a long search, he finds water in a narrow half-filled pot. The crow after extending its neck full length, could not reach the water. He recollected … Continue reading

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Knowledge from Afar (Flash Fiction 100 words )

Rob had recently returned from a business trip and meets up with his friends in a congested bar. One of his buddies joked, “What did you bring for us?” “I desired to,” Rob continued,” the shopkeepers could confirm the economical … Continue reading

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