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God’s Best Creation (A 100 words flash)

The blackbirds became violent and snapped at anyone who ventured the back deck. Even the pets were not spared. A black bird’s nest high in the Magnolia tree, was spotted. A few days later, suddenly the black birds stopped their … Continue reading

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Wisdom More Powerful Than Strength (100 words flash)

A huntsman with a gun was shooting animals at will. All the animals of the forest united to ensure a way away. “I hold more strength and courage to defeat him.” Roared the lion and ran to kill him. The … Continue reading

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Retrieving Stolen Buffaloes

A very cold and foggy January morning, time 5 AM. The district police force directed by the Superintendent was on red alert. The electronic media followed policemen combing everywhere. Nearby forests and villages. “ Terrorists?” I asked. “Buffaloes got stolen from … Continue reading

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