Noble Memory

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Good memory in a human is compared with an elephant. Amazingly,  this huge land animal must be having a huge brain, that allows it to preserve everything that it comes across in life. This small story is based on elephant’s super memory.

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Lou is a skinny, weak looking,  intelligent boy with a sharp sense of humor. He remains in the city for his college education. Spring break brings Lou to his country home, to pass time with his family and friends. Spring also holds a country fair near Lou’s home, which he loves to visit with his friends.

There was this tent at the fair that had a sign saying. “Pay $10, play the game and win $1000.” Inside the tent was a huge male elephant and his owner. The game where you have to lift any of the elephant legs off the ground.  Not a weak boy like Lou’s business! But he paid $10 to get in. He had a round stone, the size of a baseball, in hand.

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Many strong men of the neighborhood have tried and failed. The owner was very pleased to see feeble Lou, with a big smile he welcomed and explained him about the game. Lou instead of trying to lift the elephant’s leg stood in front of the elephant. Both the elephant and Lou had a good look at each other. Then he circled the elephant in very gradual steps. The owner and even the elephant’s curious eyes followed Lou. On his third lap, he reached behind the elephant and threw the stone in his hand with all his strength aiming at the elephant’s testicles. Bang! The elephant jumped off the ground several times in pain. The owner had to pay Lou $1000.

The owner, fearing more men would follow Lou’s tricks, wrapped his tent and went away with his elephant. He needs to get to a different town and changes his game. People will now have to move the elephant’s head, up and down and left to right to win $2000. After a few months Lou was visiting a friend who lived in the same town. He heard about this elephant game and that many have failed in their attempt. He decided to give it a try and reached the tent.

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As Lou entered the tent, immediately he and the owner recognized each other. This time the owner ensured Lou was empty handed and sarcastically smiled at Lou anticipating a clean win. Lou as before stood before the elephant with a big smile. Each could see clearly.

Lou cried loudly to the elephant. “Do you recognize me?”

Immediately the elephant head nodded his head up and down a few times to say “yes, yes I do!”

Lou laughed and asked the elephant. “Do you want it again?”

This time the elephants swung his head left to right a few times to plead, “No, no, no!”

Elephants have a noble memory!

About Sanjoy Dutt

Sanjoy Dutt, an engineer, and a linguist is passionate about traveling and writing. He has lived and worked in various places in India and Nepal and now lives in America. While exposed to the struggles of life in early childhood he is a strong believer that challenges in life makes you stronger. He and his wife Lindsay enjoy exploring areas of the US and occasionally struggle with the pots and pans in the kitchen. Sometimes the experiments are delightful.​ Sanjoy has written travelogues and short stories for various journals in Bengali and English. As a child, Sanjoy loved drawing pictures. He has done all the illustrations for his book 'Calcutta in Shorts'.
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