What is The Invisible Hand?

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Traditional beliefs, culture are struggling hard to cope up with the changes, the world over. There is a crisis about how much to change, what to clutch on to. The world is changing too fast.

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The stock market spins money faster, if you know the caper. Tradition of buying food grains during harvest and trade them at a higher price later, for profit, is old.

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After World War II emerged a new financial power. The United States of America. The strength of your finance, is its convertibility in dollars. Is there an invisible hand in our life? There is, the power of currency, also the root cause of all evil.

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The play “The Invisible Hand”, directed by Allen Nause, is staged at the Artists Repertory Theatre, Portland. Allen has been directing plays for many years, his plays have performed in many countries, including India, Pakistan and Vietnam. No wonder his directorial skills brought the play alive.

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Nick Bright, played by Connor Toms, is employed by an international bank and kidnapped by terrorists while working in Pakistan for a huge ransom. Nick’s wife runs from pillar to post, appeals for help to get him released. Nick, wants to live and offers the abductors, his expertise in stocks, to earn his ransom amount.

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While in captivity Nick discovers that crave for economic power is beyond ideology, beliefs, customs or tradition. Imam Saleem, played by William Ontiveroes, was using the money to buy comfort and luxury for himself.

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Bashir, played by Imran Sheikh, is a believer in ideology, customs, tradition till he finds out Imams hidden intentions. Bashir realizes money is actual power, he kills Imam to gain absolute power.

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Profit seldom loses to mortality.The character ‘Dar’ played by John San Nicolas, is the follower. He does not ask, why? He cannot think beyond what’s been taught. He obeys orders.
The beautiful play is written by Ayad Akhtar, famous writer and the Author of “American Dervish” which was published in 20 languages worldwide.

About Sanjoy Dutt

Sanjoy Dutt, an engineer, and a linguist is passionate about traveling and writing. He has lived and worked in various places in India and Nepal and now lives in America. While exposed to the struggles of life in early childhood he is a strong believer that challenges in life makes you stronger. He and his wife Lindsay enjoy exploring areas of the US and occasionally struggle with the pots and pans in the kitchen. Sometimes the experiments are delightful.​ Sanjoy has written travelogues and short stories for various journals in Bengali and English. As a child, Sanjoy loved drawing pictures. He has done all the illustrations for his book 'Calcutta in Shorts'.
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