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Salesmen hate cold calling

Cold calling refers to making unsolicited phone calls to sell merchandise or services. It can also mean doing the same in person. This is something most salesmen hate to do. Even the sales manager, will have fear running down his … Continue reading

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What is The Invisible Hand?

Traditional beliefs, culture are struggling hard to cope up with the changes, the world over. There is a crisis about how much to change, what to clutch on to. The world is changing too fast. The stock market spins money … Continue reading

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Ready to buy your first car?

You have ultimately resolved to give yourself the luxury of buying your first car. You have finally decided which brand of automobile you will buy. Probably your city in India bears a couple or more dealer selling the same brand … Continue reading

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Are you selling?

Once traveling by a local train in a crowded compartment. There was a hawker selling a set of combs. Small to big, to thicker mesh, altogether ten of them for only Ten rupees. Ten combs for a mere 16 cents. … Continue reading

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Incentive! not always….

The word incentive means something that propels an individual to perform an action or that will induce our people to work with attention and perfection, and maybe work extra. It is human nature that they want to be rewarded for … Continue reading

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Changu Narayan Temple, Nepal

Changu Narayan Temple, worshiped as ‘Narayan ‘ by Hindus and as ‘Harihar Bahan Lokeswar’ by Buddhists, is situated to the north of Bhaktapur, Nepal. Presence of an ancient inscription within the temple from the Licchavi King Manadeva’s period (464 A.D) … Continue reading

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